Call it pedantry if you’d like, but I believe in accuracy.

Your intention, as we are both well aware, is the exact opposite of accuracy, actually. You are trying to use pedantry to insinuate that the New York Times did not completely, fully and unequivocally withdraw from the lie that it has been promulgating since October, as you know that it did.

Yeah, I did mean Politifact, and Clapper spoke in his position in his capacity, which you failed to debunk.

Clapper debunked it himself when he admitted that it was only two dozen hand-selected agents from his office plus three other agencies; I just pointed out that indisputable fact. The notion that he would be able to “speak on behalf of” these agencies without their actual input and still have the “17 intelligence agencies” line be a legitimate claim for Russiagaters to substantiate their arguments with is absurd.

I write about the end of illusions.

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