You Now Have The Option To Support Me On Substack — ***ALL SUBSTACK POSTS ARE STILL FREE***

Caitlin Johnstone
2 min readMar 14, 2023

Per popular request, I have just turned on the option for readers to pay for my Substack newsletter if they wish to support my work through that payment method. As per my longstanding unconditional gift economy model, all my work will remain free to read on every platform I share it on.

People keep asking for me to turn on payment options for Substack because they prefer Substack over my other patronage options on Patreon, PayPal and Gumroad. The reason I’ve resisted doing this for so long is I’m a bit nervous that some people will mistake the option to support my work with a requirement to pay in order to read it, which would cause my articles to not get reads and subscribers they would otherwise get.

So please let me repeat one more time in all caps: YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY IN ORDER TO READ ANYTHING ON MY SUBSTACK. Everything I publish will remain open and free there, as well as on Medium and on my website where I also publish all the same stuff I post on Substack.

If you want to subscribe to my newsletter without paying, just select the free option like this:

If you already support me on Patreon or elsewhere, that’s great and much appreciated and there’s no need to change anything. This is just to accommodate the preferences of my supporters; I have no preference either way.

I’m just trying to give people who want to support my work as many options as possible to do so in whatever way suits their preferences. I am so unspeakably grateful to everyone who’s been doing so; it’s been my pleasure to devote my life to this project and I thank everyone who makes it possible from the bottom of my heart.