You know what? Thank you. Thank you for showing me that there is literally no way that I can possibly talk about gender dynamics without triggering hysterical male fragility catastrophic reactions. Nowhere in those paragraphs is there anything remotely resembling “insulting rhetoric” or “a gratuitous chunk of abuse against males”. Thank you for showing me that going forward I should have exactly as much respect for male fragility has I have for the esoteric word policing of the SJW Tumblr crowd, who, by the way, have thicker skin than you.

Your “hellish” experience of having sex without a condom in no way contests the argument by Gabrielle Blair, who had plenty to say about male responsibility for ejaculations apart from condom use. You are still responsible for your ejaculations. The fact that Blair’s argument wounded your soft little ego skin in no way negates her argument, and in no way means that anything I wrote was “abusive”. Grow up.

I write about the end of illusions.

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