“You have yet to answer the most obvious point: regardless of what Assad says, Syrians know what the Syrian Arab Army is doing. You have given precisely no reason that Assad’s words should have any effect on Syrians who have been living through the war and understand with what methods it is fought.”

You’re reaching so hard now I’m starting to worry about the integrity of your arm socket. Your whole point rests on the three premises that (1) Assad would use chemical weapons to terrify his citizenry, (2) while denying that he would ever do such a thing, and that (3) Syrians would still believe it’s him despite a total lack of evidence and the fact that Al-Qaeda is in the region and is known to have been making sarin since 2013. This despite reports that many Syrians already believed the 2013 gas attacks came from those same terrorist forces.

No. You’ve had some massive holes punched in your argument, and the intellectually honest thing to do is to sit down and spend some time re-considering your perspective.

“But apparently that is not good enough for you, for some reason, hence you must delude yourself into thinking that, in this dirty war, Assad is fighting clean.”

You’re talking about the US power establishment, who is known with 100% certainty to have used false flags and propaganda to manufacture consent for immoral acts of military interventionism. The fact that we are being lied to is important to point out. They’re laboring so hard to manufacture consent because they need that consent. We already know they’re running blatant psy-ops in the mass media about Assad. This is an indisputable fact. You seriously need to re-think your position on this.

I write about the end of illusions.

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