You have no legitimate grounds to dismiss Clapper and his remarks as unimportant. The man played an absolutely formative role in developing the establishment narrative about Russia. Your claim is illegitimate.

Have you spoken with any Russian Americans about their experience of the Russophobia that has taken over America? This is a terrifying time for them. The 3 million Russian Americans who are routinely picked on by establishment liberals are certainly experiencing a power imbalance. The Russian civilians impacted by America’s sanctions and NATO expansionism are certainly experiencing a power imbalance.

The fact that Trump and Putin have homophobic supporters in no way, shape or form changes the undeniable fact that homophobia has been used to advance the Russiagate narrative.

You have never at any time seen me defend either Trump or Putin. That has literally never happened. What you may have seen if you’ve been following my work is an objection to the lies that the US power establishment is knowingly advancing about Russia and Syria in order to manufacture consent for escalations with those nations.

My husband is American. His insight informs all my ideas about US politics. He is horrified by the insane McCarthyism and Russophobia that has seized his country, and for that reason we are both glad that we are currently here and not there.

I write about the end of illusions.

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