You don’t like everything Trump does, but you like him more than not.

You are wrong. You believe that because you either (A) don’t read what I write or (B) are deliberately ignoring what I write. I like very little of what Trump has done. This is extremely evident in my work. You’re going to have to stop bullshitting now.

The torrent of articles criticizing the “Russia-gate”, for instance, could certainly be interpreted as reflecting some sympathy for Trump.

Objecting to a malicious worldwide psyop that is being used to manufacture support for a planet-threatening new cold war has nothing to do with supporting Trump.

But the perhaps the pretence of not be partisan could be dropped?

I want you to either (A) find proof of anything that I have ever said in support of the Republican party in your very next comment, or (B) admit that you cannot find any such thing in your very next comment.

I write about the end of illusions.

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