You are spouting made-up nonsense. Everything that you are writing is wrong.

I name oligarchs constantly; some of them happen to be Jewish, many aren’t. I have no idea who you are and I get hundreds of social media comments a day, so your assertion that you’ve asked me to previously is meaningless. Your demand that I name “all of them, now” is ridiculous; I’m not naming every powerful plutocrat on the planet.

The oligarch I write about far and away more than any other is Jeff Bezos, who is not Jewish. I’m more worried about the new money Silicon Valley plutocrats than I am about the old money plutocrats. Others include the Saudi royals, the powerful influential American billionaire families like the Waltons, Kochs and Rockefellers, and yes the Rothschilds are another powerful and influential family. Anyone who uses their fortune to buy up a significant amount of political influence for their own benefit is a plutocrat and an oligarch. This has nothing to do with being Jewish.

The two neocons I attack more than anyone else are John Bolton and John McCain, neither of whom are Jewish as far as I know. Anyone who promotes the PNAC agenda of US hegemony via military might is a neocon. It has nothing to do with being Jewish.

Yes, the UN is investigating Israeli war crimes. This is a fact. All the racist gibberish about “feral Palestinians” does not change this fact. The underlined portions of text in my articles are hyperlinks. Click them.

I write about the end of illusions.

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