You are deeply, profoundly misinformed, and I strongly encourage you to re-read the article that I wrote and click on the hyperlinks I included in it. Assad does not call “people protesting in the streets” terrorists, he calls terrorists terrorists; virtually the only forces fighting him since 2013 have been known extremist jihadist factions. His father is irrelevant to this discussion.

The Iraq invasion just happened 14 years ago, based on lies and propaganda. The same exact thing is happening in Syria. Click this hyperlink and see irrefutable proof that western media is lying about Syria on an unbelievable scale. Please do more research.

I do not watch Fox News or Infowars. I am not a conservative, I am a lefty. There are no longer any western media outlets on the ground in Syria with any degree of consistency, so I listen to the people who actually go there and talk to real Syrians, like Vanessa Beeley in the article that you are commenting on.

I write about the end of illusions.

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