You Are Already Currently In A Media War — Start Fighting Back!

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People were asking me to write a story about the Comey thing when the news first broke, but in my opinion the whole affair is generally unexciting. The only thing that’s interesting to me about him getting fired is that there might be a bunch of FBI leaks in the future due to a shift in power dynamics; anyone who’s getting worked up about anything else is probably either a Russiagate nutter or one of the remaining true believers who are under the delusion that Trump hasn’t fully capitulated to the deep state. The #TrumpRussia dimwits are upset because this could mean a problem for the Trump-Russia election collusion investigation, which was never going to lead anywhere anyway because the allegations of collusion were only ever designed to pressure Trump into falling into line with the neocon establishment. The loyal Trumpsters are stoked because they think they’re going to get a firebrand rebel to replace Comey who’ll finally Lock Her Up, but that won’t happen either. The FBI is not your friend, my lovely deplorables, and its new director is not going to help you. That has never, ever been the FBI director’s job. The FBI director’s job is to advance the mission of the FBI: to maintain the status quo.

Comey will be replaced not with a Russian stooge nor with a clear-eyed anti-globalist, but with a nice, predictable Pompeo-like loyalist who won’t make any unexpected moves or cause headaches for the deep state and their media mouthpieces like Comey did. That’s about as exciting as this one’s going to get unless leaks start dropping later on.

What I do find interesting is instances like this:

Well would you look at that — CNN is suddenly aggressively questioning the collusion narrative! Ever since Trump tapped out and began playing along with every crucial deep state agenda, from Russia to Syria to WikiLeaks, the establishment propaganda machine has been slowly pacing us out of the collusion narrative as slyly and gradually as they paced us into it. After actively fanning the flames of a fact-free McCarthyist witch hunt for half a year, all of a sudden these corporate presstitutes have decided to act like real journalists and start demanding hard evidence. Here’s dead-eyed oligarchic bukkake slut Wolf Blitzer taking it to Dianne Feinstein a few days earlier:

As I predicted a couple of weeks ago, now that Trump has been pressured into being a good boy the deep state has been calling off its dogs. The xenophobic anti-Russia propaganda will continue because it is crucial to manufacturing public consent for escalations and proxy wars with that nation, but the accusation that Trump colluded with the Russian government to win the 2016 election will be gradually dialed down until the only people still talking about it are a few obsessive rank-and-file Democrats. The whole thing was a ruse. The Pissgate dossier, Rachel Maddow’s nonstop maniacal McCarthyist rants, the whole thing. Some doofy partisan hacks are trying to say that the Comey firing will lead to Trump’s impeachment because it is evidence of collusion. It will not, and it isn’t.

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#TrumpRussia was never, ever about finding evidence of election collusion. If it was, the intelligence community’s sprawling surveillance networks would have found that evidence and leaked it to the Washington Post back in December. The whole thing was a brutal, sadistic act of psychological warfare upon the American public to ensure that the mass media’s oligarchic controllers get their way. Mainstream America was psychologically and emotionally pummelled into believing that the President of the United States was videotaped being urinated on by Russian prostitutes and is now a subversive agent of supervillain mastermind Vladimir Putin, who is bent on spreading fascism and oppression throughout the world. They still believe these things. America’s unelected power establishment deliberately inflicted that trauma upon innocent civilians just trying to live their lives who trust the news to tell them what’s happening.

Like it or not, you are at war. Your nation’s unelected power establishment has been waging an aggressive, destructive psywar upon you and your countrymen throughout your entire lifetime, and it’s getting more and more brazen in its psychological assaults as the public gets more and more access to new media. This is happening whether you fight back or not. Refusing to engage in the media war against the deep state propaganda machine is not refusing to get into a fight with a bully, it is allowing yourself to be punched in the face over and over again by a bully who is already currently fighting you.

My newest pet peeve is when people come up to me aggressively telling me what I need to write and how I need to write about it, which has been happening with increasing frequency lately. Look you myopic brats, I’m not publishing on any media outlet that you yourselves don’t have access to; I’ve got a Medium account, a Twitter account, a Facebook account, and now a sparsely-used YouTube account. I’m not some privileged MSNBC zillionaire who got this gig because I’m related to the CEO or deep throated the anchorman, I’m a rank-and-file civilian using the exact same rank-and-file weaponry that every single one of you has access to. You want something written about in a certain way? Great! Write it! Make it happen! I appreciate that you have ideas you want broadcast; that’s great, I fully support you. Do it.

In order to beat the legacy media we need to replace it, so the more psywar soldiers we’ve got creating content the better. Write articles, make videos, create memes, build a viral Twitter presence; use whatever gifts you’ve got to throw monkey wrenches in the gears of the propaganda machine. Even if no one ever sees what you made but your friends and family, you’re still making a difference, you’re still firing bullets, you’re still knocking pieces off the machine. Creating daily content is one of the best ways to rapidly grow a following, but creating very high-quality content every so often works too. Whatever you do, don’t hold back. Don’t wait for someone else to have your brain babies, have them right now! Have lots of them!

I’m a busy girl, but I’m going to try and do my best to use my modest platform to help elevate whatever quality content you create where I see it. Tag me in on your creations, your videos, your blogs, and feel free to share them in the comments section of my stuff, too. We now have the ability to kill the mass media machine by which the establishment keeps the world enslaved; let’s all help replace it with something beautiful, truthful, and unprecedented.

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I write about the end of illusions.

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