Yes. We have an easier time tolerating a sexless single life because rape culture has created a dynamic where sexual relations tend to be far more enjoyable for men than for women. A third of women experienced pain last time they had sex. Because of the risk of pregnancy, any time women have casual sex, they usually spend the next couple of weeks praying that their period arrives on time. It’s a lot of stress for what is often a pretty mediocre experience.

I do know that men can go indefinitely on masturbation, and so do you. We all know men who do. You can manage.

And can I say — check yourself for a second. You are arguing for the continuation of rape culture and the continuing sexual enslavement of women to the male will. You are telling me that you think it’s perfectly fine to bully/cajole/manipulate/guilt/oblige a women to take your cock inside her body while you do your business, whether she likes it or not, because you reckon your balls will drop off or something.

Do you even like women? Do you give a shit about us at all? I’m telling you right now that most of us have no freaking idea what our sexuality even looks like, let alone get to the stage where we look forward to sex. Does that not raise a care in you at all?

I write about the end of illusions.

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