Wrong. If you apply a business model to problem successfully, you will always end up with more customers wanting more product paying as much as the market will bear. That’s business.

So if you apply a business model to healthcare, you will end up with more sick people, needing more medicine, and paying everything they have because their only choice is paying or dying.

Applying a capitalist business model to healthcare has never worked and it never will. Money only knows how to grow a need, not get rid of it. Getting rid of a need (as in, healing people) is death to the business. It’s existentially critical to a business to make more customers and keep them, and always be growing. That’s business 101.

That’s why the American model is such a massive expensive failure. The balance of power should always be with the customer, not the provider. That’s why Americans pay so much for drugs and why healthcare outcomes are so-so and why it is unaffordable for so many.

The best economic model for healthcare is to get the healthcare providers to compete with each other for the business through tender submissions with the outcome of losing that submission being live or die for them. That way the bargaining power is in the hands of the patient, and in order to get the business, the provider has to get real and look at their costs in terms of how they can be most competitive and win the tender instead of how much they can get desperate individuals to pay.

I write about the end of illusions.

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