Why Does The Left Attack Itself? Generations Of Government Psyops.

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A new wave of sectarian infighting is raging between some of my favorite indie media personalities on the American political left. I’ve always tried not to get involved in these spats because I have few enough friends as it is in this war, but that didn’t stop the leftist cannibalism from making its way to my own doorstep a few months ago, and to this day there’s still a large faction of Left Twitter who’ve made it their life’s purpose to dogpile on any lefty who dares to share any of my articles on that social media platform.

Meanwhile the boys’ club at the acclaimed lefty outlet CounterPunch, who published eight articles about me in July, is now trying to turn their publication into even more of an elitist sausage fest than it already was by going after their own writer Diana Johnstone (no relation).

Anyone who’s spent any time in these circles knows that this is nothing new for the left (the actual left, not the Wall Street-friendly “OMG I love John McCain” rainbow-flag-on-a-Reaper-drone “left” that mainstream Americans are permitted to support). Why is that, though? Why does the left eat its own so aggressively and consistently when there’s every reason to look past small disagreements and collaborate toward shared goals? Why is it considered normal in leftist circles to try to destroy someone you used to support the second they express one opinion you find objectionable?

My theory is that, like so many other dynamics in western politics, the most overlooked and underappreciated factor in this phenomenon is propaganda and psyops.

As we’ve discussed many times before, there is nothing more threatening to America’s unelected power establishment than economic justice. The oligarchy exists because America has a system wherein money equals political power, and the oligarchs are therefore incentivized to try and keep all the money for themselves in order to maintain their rule. The socioeconomic equality that socialism and leftist ideology moves the needle toward poses the single greatest existential threat to this oligarchy.

Is it any wonder, then, that the intelligence community and law enforcement agencies which are built to protect the investments of these oligarchs has been up to its elbows in the psyches of Americans for generations, trying to manipulate them away from a large-scale movement to the left?

Is it any wonder that “red under the bed” scare tactics were used to terrify Americans away from the left and force everyone from politicians to Hollywood filmmakers to push the nation to the right culturally and politically?

Is it any wonder that communist witch hunts and McCarthyist propaganda were used in the 1940s and 50s to fragment labor unions by dividing them against their leftist allies, rendering them increasingly impotent and ultimately subverting FDR’s legacy to give rise to the economic injustice we see today?

Is it any wonder that the FBI Director J Edgar Hoover’s COINTELPRO ran aggressive infiltration and psyops campaigns to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise Neutralize” everything from anti-war activist organizations to civil rights movements to feminist groups well into the Nixon administration, with the main objective from the very beginning being to eliminate the Communist Party?

Is it any wonder that, as independent journalist Yasha Levin reports, “During the 1968 protests of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, which drew about 10,000 protesters and was brutally crushed by the police, 1 out of 6 protesters was a federal undercover agent”?

Is it any wonder that there is an abundance of evidence that these COINTELPRO tactics continue to this day, decades after COINTELPRO was ostensibly dissolved?

Is it any wonder that black rights activist groups and the Occupy movement have been actively targeted by infiltration, disruption and manipulation tactics identical to those used by COINTELPRO?

Is it any wonder that the late Green Party candidate Peter Camejo reported massive infiltration of his campaign by federal agents years after COINTELPRO had allegedly ceased to function?

Is it any wonder that the establishment media drastically underreported on the Sanders campaign, frequently exhibiting cartoonishly ridiculous bias against him when they did talk about him?

Is it any wonder that establishment loyalists are still targeting Jill Stein and trying to paint her as a Kremlin agent despite her having received a mere one percent of the popular vote?

Is it any wonder that the mainstream media lies constantly to maintain a paradigm of economic injustice?

These things have an effect. To deny that they have an effect would be to deny that advertising, a half-trillion dollar industry, has an effect. I’m not saying that there are no legitimate grievances at all between the various factions on the American political left, but I am saying that this nonstop sectarian vitriol is exactly what we’d expect to see in a population that has been deliberately manipulated into self-destructive neurotic impotence by generations of government psyops.

And it’s not like America has gotten less Orwellian since J Edgar Hoover. The sprawling surveillance networks in intelligence agencies like the NSA and the CIA have enabled the same political establishment that benefited from COINTELPRO to get even deeper into our minds, and there’s no reason to think that in-person tactics employed in COINTELPRO wouldn’t be employed digitally online. Indeed, there’s already plenty of evidence that this is happening extensively.

Again, I’m not trying to dismiss anyone’s personal grievances here. It’s just that sometimes the lefty infighting reminds me of a harem of sex slaves imprisoned in a basement, attacking each other instead of plotting an escape from their captor. We’ve become like an autoimmune disease, attacking the healthy cells instead of the pathogens. These manipulative sociopaths have been pummelling our psyches and emotions for decades, and in my opinion we should turn and face them, our real enemy.

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