When we started this conversation you were claiming there was “mounting” evidence in support of the Russiagate narrative. Now you’re saying three guys out of an entire political team left out a few Russia meetings. That’s quite a few steps back in just a few exchanges. As to your three guys, I’ll refer you to a C&P of what I already wrote above, since you still haven’t addressed it: I have not seen any evidence that that was anything other than the natural result of trying to get a large number of people to remember every single foreign official that they have ever interacted with (for all we know they failed to report a bunch of other officials from a bunch of other nations as well and we never heard about it because it doesn’t fit the Russiagate narrative), possibly combined with a fear of a fact-free McCarthyite feeding frenzy leading people to be less forthcoming than they otherwise would be.

I write about the end of illusions.

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