When the psychopathic society rules of money are allowed to decide who lives or dies, to allot any sort of agency to a human against the will of money, whether good or bad, is arrogant in the extreme. Jane, you got lucky. Your readers? Not so much. Money’s “wisdom” to kill or exalt is not based in any true value. War makes a lot of money, for example. Nor does it reflect effort. A single mom with four kids and two jobs does not make more than someone who sells the munitions that rain down on her children, but I can guarantee you she does more work. Your worth as a human is not valued appropriately by money and yet we let it dictate its murderous agenda anyway. If you’re reading this and you’re financially breaking – fight with me. You didn’t do anything wrong; you are victim of a psychopathic valuing system. We must change it.

I write about the end of illusions.

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