Watch Matt Orfalea Bitch Slap Those Who Said The Ukraine Invasion Was “Not About NATO”

Caitlin Johnstone
2 min readOct 3, 2023

A guy named Matt Orfalea has done a great community service by combing through hours of mass media footage to compile an excellent three-minute clip featuring pundits and western officials in the mass media denying that the invasion of Ukraine had anything whatsoever to do with NATO — a claim which, as we’ve been discussing, was recently refuted by the head of NATO himself:

One funny thing in the clip is that included in the empire managers who’d previously denied that Russia invaded Ukraine because of NATO expansion is Jens Stoltenberg, the NATO secretary general who would later go on to admit that Russia invaded Ukraine because of NATO expansion.

It’s important to keep a record of these things, because otherwise the lies just get memory-holed and we’re marched off to the next war without remembering that they lied to us about all the other ones. The mass media spent months repeatedly hammering us in the face with the false narrative that this was an “unprovoked invasion”, and now that they’ve got their proxy war locked in they’re no longer bothering to protect that lie anymore. Later on the cycle will repeat with the next war, when all the empire propagandists and their brainwashed acolytes will be loudly insisting that this time we’re definitely being told the truth.

It’s good that there are people compiling records of these lies, because we’ll be certain to need use of them in the future to remind everyone what these monsters are really all about.


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