“Um, North Korea was enriching uranium, and they still are today. They even showed it to us.”

Um, your article is from 2010. Mine is from 2007, referring to an incident in 2002. Obviously if Bush went all “Iraq has WMDs” on them in 2002 and cancelled the Framework Agreement they’re going to start developing nukes.

“I also don’t know why you would take the word of the Syrian government about the number of people killed in an air strike, other than you just want it to be true.”

I quoted CNBC. America loves to circulate the narrative that all these countries it bombs exaggerate their civilian casualties. There is currently no reason to believe that happened here.

“Why would women and children be at a military airfield?”

Why do you believe every single missile hit its target?

“I think your objectivity has been compromised.”

I think you consume too much corporate media.

I write about the end of illusions.

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