Three Reasons Why I’m Still Very, Very Glad Hillary Lost

Caitlin Johnstone
4 min readSep 8, 2017


As long as America is still talking about Hillary Clinton, I may as well take this opportunity to say a bit more about why I’m still extremely glad that her purported inevitability proved to be fake news. Besides the fact that she keeps making an absolute ass of herself whenever she rears her plastic head, more revelations have come to light since the election which prove that those of us who fought her tooth and claw were absolutely right to do so. Here are three of them:

1. Syria

More and more pundits have been forced to concede that the regime change the US power establishment has been pushing for is not going to happen. There are still terrorist factions in Syria that need to be defeated, there’s still an unwelcome western presence in the nation that’s going to have to leave, and it’s possible that Israel will continue to escalate its provocations and try to reignite the whole thing, but the tide has undeniably, drastically turned in Syria. As The Independent’s Robert Fisk writes, “The West might hardly believe it, but it now seems the Syrian war is ending — and Assad is the victor.”

This alone makes Hillary Clinton’s loss a net positive. This is the woman who advocated setting up a no-fly zone in Syria just like she did in Libya, which became a failed state as a result. Her goal was regime change, and if she’d succeeded in shutting down pro-Assad air forces in Syria that’s exactly what would have happened. For all of Trump’s idiocy both foreign and domestic, he has been vastly more restrained in Syria than Clinton promised to be. Even as recently as April she was still saying that Trump needed to destroy the very air force that Syria is using to defeat ISIS, Al Nusra and the other violent jihadist factions who oppose the nation’s only legitimate government.

Had she won, Clinton would have created a much more disastrous version of Libya in a much more populous nation, causing unfathomable death, destruction and suffering in a nation she’d already done so many horrific things to as Secretary of State. This alone makes her loss an overall beneficial thing for humanity.

2. Russia

Not enough gets made of the fact that Hillary Clinton was itching for a fight with America’s new Number One Bad Guy long before the still completely unproven hacking allegations surfaced.

The video above features Clinton advocating arming Ukraine against Russia — an extremely hawkish move even Obama opposed — in January of 2015.

Here is an article from October 2015 about bloodthirsty neocon John McCain’s support for Hillary Clinton’s proposed no-fly zone in Syria, which is unquestionably an act of war.

Here is an article from June 2015 titled “Hillary Clinton’s hawkish position on Russia troubles both sides of aisle,” which says explicitly, “Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton has pivoted left on domestic issues but stands out on foreign policy as more hawkish than some of her GOP rivals, even stoking fears that she’s ready to put the U.S. on a warpath with Russia.”

Isn’t it interesting that there are all these unsubstantiated accusations against the very nation Clinton was saber-rattling against long before those accusations surfaced? What do you think would have happened had Clinton become Commander-in-Chief? Again, for all his horrible actions, Trump has still been providing inertia toward the establishment’s relentless warmongering towards Russia. Would that inertia have existed if Hillary had been elected, who during the campaign was already advocating a no-fly zone in a region she knew Russian military planes were conducting operations? I think we all know the answer to that.

3. The TPP

People have already forgotten how unstoppable the TPP felt a few short years ago. The trade agreement which would have granted corporate power an unprecedented amount of control over participating governments throughout the world felt like an inevitability. Any possibility of fighting it felt like an exercise in futility, as did all the ecocidal shoring up of oligarchic power which would have arisen as a result.

Trump and the Republican congressional surge his campaign spearheaded prevented this from happening, and the unpopular trade agreement Hillary Clinton had publicly praised dozens of times shriveled and died. Without America’s participation the deal is far less relevant, and its impotence is absolutely a good thing. The agenda advanced in the TPP is still being advanced in the form of other trade agreements and still needs to be ferociously opposed, but the TPP’s death was undeniably a rare win for humanity.

As I said, I don’t care about Hillary Clinton, but as long as people are going to keep bringing her up I’m happy to keep pointing out why her loss was good for the world. The sooner Democrats move on and quit trying to blame people for President Trump, the sooner I can quit pointing out what a vile candidate they attempted to inflict upon our species last year.

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