This is a beautiful treatize and I concur on every level bar one. The Blue Church doesn’t only have a battle on its hands from without, it is engaged in full-scale warfare from within as well. There is a schism occurring, and the movements you describe from the Insurgency — the fluidity of weaponized memetics, the agility, the decentralized intelligence etc., — all of that translated to the Bernie campaign as well, and it was only through blatantly corrupt and illegal manoeuvrings that they managed to bulldoze through that.

The big problem the Church has is that it’s constantly trying to mimic the fluid movements of a grassroots enthusiasm by astroturfing. There’s a copy of David Brock’s Media Matters post-election strategy going around lately that is worth a look. Just reading it makes me tired. It’s so much work! Astroturfing is expensive, cumbersome and requires a lot of co-ordinating to get everyone “on message.” So much top-down management. Another example, it took Podesta about fifteen emails involving ten or so recipients to write one tweet for Hillary’s campaign. One tweet. The sheer workload slows them down.

Internet-based grassroots campaigns self-organize and mutate on a whim according to the changing landscape. Don’t like what that group is doing anymore? Fine, gravitate to another group and help them there. Memes blossom and die according to the changing narrative, with ease and without co-ordination. People just share according to their own inner sense-maker.

So yeah, I think there is an insurgency on the left as well, but the establishment has been able to keep pace with it by co-opting its movements thus keeping it largely out of the eye of the mainstream. The insurgency is not confused though; it knows who its people are and it recognizes manipulation. It’s only a matter of time before it overturns the church from within.

At least that’s my hope.

I write about the end of illusions.

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