This had nothing to do with “gun enforcement”, and you damn well know it. The FBI does not surveil a man for years, conduct a full-scale raid and throw its full prosecutorial power at him because they think he might maybe be carrying an illegal firearm. They arrested and prosecuted him because they planned on imprisoning him as a “Black Identity Extremist” as a result of controversial Facebook posts that he had made. The gun charge was something they hit him with while digging for other evidence.

The firearm charge was in fact bogus; you don’t get to bandy about his domestic abuse plea in a court of law (which he explains in the video interview I linked at the bottom of the article) while simultaneously ignoring his exoneration in a court of law. That’s not a legitimate argument.

The fact that he was convicted of domestic violence charges that were close enough to merit litigation to those that would prohibit him from owning firearms is very concerning.

I find the fact that some Americans conflate prosecution with guilt in order to defend sociopathic intelligence agencies very concerning.

I write about the end of illusions.

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