“They didn’t hack any voting machines, didn’t issue pamphlets against him, never put out any newspaper or TV or online ads,”

Okay, see that’s another completely arbitrary line that you invented in your imagination. Hacking voting machines, issuing pamphlets, or putting newspaper and TV ads is not mentioned anywhere in the Impartiality Clause, ensuring impartiality and evenhandedness is. We know from the emails that they scheduled debates and primaries in a way that advantaged Clinton, we know the vice chair passed Clinton debate questions and acted as a mole against the Sanders campaign for the Clinton campaign, and we know Wasserman Schultz participated in and was included in conversations which were the exact opposite of impartial. You don’t get to re-write the rules and say that as long as they didn’t do the most egregious things they could have possibly done they are fine; that’s like saying “well I didn’t kill the guy so I can’t be guilty of mugging him”.

Your entire argument is premised on this ridiculous arbitrary line that you made up in your head.

I write about the end of illusions.

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