The US government is the very last organization on planet earth to be trusted to effect regime change interventionism in any nation, ever. Absolute dead last. There is no need to write long, pensive prose about the “consequences of inaction” when inaction is the closest thing to a positive effect the US government could possibly hope to have in Venezuela, and it would be great if they did take inaction instead of the starvation sanctions, CIA ops and campaign to topple the government of a sovereign nation that they are currently engaged in. Doing nothing would be a vast improvement on what the US is currently doing, and infinitely better than military intervention.

And this has been my sole argument, including in the article of mine you cited which is exclusively and explicitly about US interventionism. It is a fact that US regime change interventionism is reliably disastrous and consistently makes things worse. You might as well be telling me I need to weigh the consequences of not dropping a nuclear bomb on Caracas. Just no to the horrible thing that never works. That isn’t a denial of the problems people are facing in Venezuela, it’s simply an obvious rejection of an obviously destructive idea which is being aggressively advanced in the mainstream narrative.

I write about the end of illusions.

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