The September Issue Of JOHNSTONE Magazine Is Now Available

Caitlin Johnstone
2 min readSep 8, 2023


The latest issue of JOHNSTONE is now available in both paper and digital forms.


Another Day, Another CIA Press Release Disguised As News … 3

Thirty Signs You Might Be An Empire Simp … 5

Mitch McConnell’s Brief Flash Of Humanity … 7

They Dupe People Into Debating War With Russia Vs War With China, Instead Of War Itself … 9

In A World Ruled By Propaganda, A Sane Worldview Will Necessarily Be A Fringe Worldview … 12

Searching For Bigfoot … 14

New York Times Helps Marco Rubio Push Persecution Of Antiwar Leftists … 16

It’s Never About The US President, It’s About The US Empire … 20

Victoria Nuland Has Gone To Africa … 22

The Illusory Truth Effect And The “Unprovoked” Invasion Of Ukraine … 24

Their Similarities Matter More Than Their Differences … 27

Revisiting John Pilger’s 2016 Warnings About US Warmongering Against Russia And China … 28

We’re Taught About Liberal And Conservative Bias In Media, But Not US Empire Bias … 30

For The First Time In History, Humanity Has A Single Common Foe … 34

Big Brave Western Proxy Warriors Keep Whining That Ukrainian Troops Are Cowards … 36

De-Gamify The Earth … 39

US Officials Keep Boasting About How Much The Ukraine War Serves US Interests … 41

Opposing The Empire Means Widening Our Circles Of Compassion … 44

Think Tanks Are Information Laundering Ops For War Profiteers … 46

The More Inner Work You Do, The More You See How Humanity Is Dominated By Narrative … 48

Rename The Secretary Of State The Secretary Of Hypocrisy … 50

Vivek Ramaswamy Is Just Another Disgusting Warmonger … 52

Unipolar Hegemony Is A Freakish Historical Aberration … 55

The Last Time A Foreign Military Threat Was Placed Near The US Border, The World Almost Ended … 56

Abnormalize The Empire … 58

Only Idiots Believe The US Is Protecting Australia From China … 60

Even The Bald Eagle’s Call Is Propaganda … 63

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