The New York Times Is Very, Very Concerned About You

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Hey, can I show you something? Am I off my rocker here, or does it seem like the New York Times editorial staff are trying to convey some sort of message to us? Take a minute on this, please — this is very, very subtle:


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Straight off the back of a hotly controversial op-ed titled “Why Democrats Need Wall Street”, the always thoughtful New York Times has run yet another one today titled “Why ‘Medicare for All’ Will Sink the Democrats”, expressing a deep, compassionate concern that Democrats might be moving away from the caring arms of their corporate overlords.

In the former, Times op-ed contributor Douglass Schoen attempts to argue that since Americans have become more disgusted with the Democratic party than at any time since the 1920s, the solution is obviously for it to become more pervasively corrupt and beholden to Wall Street donors. In the latter, Wall Street executive Steven Rattner tries to assert that a nation whose citizens already pay more in healthcare-related taxes than people in any other country cannot possibly afford to switch to a proven system used in every other major country on earth. Because they really, really care about the Democratic party, obviously.

The New York Times, which one reader recently described as “essentially the CIA’s Facebook wall”, is in fact concerned about your waning loyalty to your corporate overlords because the New York Times is owned and operated by your corporate overlords. The Times editorial board has not been consistently publishing an endorsement of every act of the US war machine for decades because they have an interest in creating a well-informed populace, they’ve been doing it because a nationless plutocracy which uses governments as weapons has seized control of America’s news media. The economic injustice held in place by policies like America’s corporatist healthcare system is the soil in which this plutocratic system has been grown. By creating a system wherein money equals political power, the plutocrats have been able to rule over the United States by depriving the public of money.

While the Democratic party elites are trying to rehabilitate the image of corrupt oligarchic loyalists from George W. Bush to Donna Brazile, and the New York Times is richsplaining to Democrats why they should want to stay poor, actual human beings are suffering. The discontentment that the oligarchs had hoped would cease rumbling after Bernie Sanders was nullified has been shaken and confused by corporate media propaganda, but has only continued to grow. I leave you with this thread by the mighty Glenn Greenwald:

On both the left and the right of US politics, there is a mad scramble away from the neoliberal neoconservative political “center”, which is only called that because the unelected power establishment it serves has been able to use corporate media propaganda to dominate mainstream narratives. This is clearly becoming the case less and less, though. The revolution continues. Expect the New York Times op-eds to get even more ham-fisted.

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