The New Issue Of JOHNSTONE: Biden’s Bloodlust

Caitlin Johnstone
4 min readMay 5, 2024

For those who don’t know, I publish a print version of my work once a month called JOHNSTONE magazine. The new edition is called “Biden’s Bloodlust”, and is now available to order in print or download in pay-what-you-want digital.

As November gets closer and the Biden administration gets more murderous and tyrannical by the day, liberal spinmeisters are falling all over themselves to portray the president as some kind of passive witness to the atrocities we’re witnessing in Gaza and the authoritarian suppression of dissent we’re seeing in the US. No no, he’s completely powerless to stop the government that’s completely dependent on US military support from conducting a military operation. No no, he’s completely powerless to stop the violent police crackdowns he’s openly supporting and encouraging on protesters against his genocide.

Bullshit. Biden has always been a murderous swamp monster. That’s the only reason he got the job. And that’s why the cover of today’s issue of JOHNSTONE features the US president dining on an ice cream cone of gore.

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Biden Wanted To Sanction An Israeli Battalion But He Didn’t Because Israel Said No … 3

Empire Managers Say Russia, China And Iran Are Tricking Students Into Opposing Genocide … 6

Quashing University Protests And Banning TikTok To Make The Kids Love Israel … 10

Israel Is Turning Hospitals Into Mass Graves While The West Fixates On ‘Antisemitism’ … 13

In This Dystopia, Opposing A Genocide Is Considered Worse Than Committing One … 16

Stopping The Slaughter In Gaza Is More Important Than Your Feelings … 18

In Gaza The Sniper Drones Are Crying Like Babies … 20

The US Doesn’t Support A Two-State Solution, It Just Supports Saying It Does … 22

Things That Have Been Discredited During The Destruction Of Gaza … 25

Israel Apologia Is One Big Fat Appeal To Emotion Fallacy … 28

Half Of Americans Have No Idea Whether Israelis Or Palestinians Are Suffering More Deaths … 30

Aviator Sunglasses … 32

A Barely-Disguised Genocide … 34

Ghost Town … 36

The Empire Slowly Suffocates Assange Like It Slowly Suffocates All Its Enemies … 38

Imagine If Russia Or China Did The Things Israel Is Doing In Gaza … 41

Violent Extremists Get Called “Moderates” By A Violent Extremist Empire … 44

Israel Lies About Being A Victim So That It Can Victimize … 47

Liberal Finger-Wagging At Netanyahu Is A Phony, Cynical Charade … 50

The Plan Is To Turn Palestine Into A Historical Footnote So It’s Too Late To Save It … 54

Israel’s Savage Destruction Of Gaza’s Healthcare System Is Exactly What It Looks Like … 56

Israel Keeps Getting More Murderous … 58

The ‘Human Shields’ Lie Has Been Conclusively, Irrefutably Debunked … 61

Six Months Of Hell On Earth … 64

Stop Reporting On Biden’s Angry Feelings Toward Israel. It’s Not News. It’s Not Interesting. … 66

Israel Lets Some Aid Into Gaza So The US Will Keep Giving It Weapons To Kill People In Gaza … 68

Dancing Outside The Concentration Camp … 71

As Support For Gaza Goes Mainstream, Don’t Let The Empire Co-Opt The Movement … 72

Australian Military Refuses To Disclose Arms Deal With Israel To Protect Its ‘Reputation’ … 75

Idiot Republicans Are Saying Genocide Joe Has ‘Abandoned Israel’ … 78

CNN Finally Tells The Truth About The Flour Massacre After Previously Shilling For Israel … 81

Israeli Suffering Is Not Comparable To Palestinian Suffering … 84

Getting Gaza Right Is The Absolute Bare Minimum Requirement … 86

Empire Managers Keep Acting Like Iran Is About To Attack Israel Without Provocation … 88

US Declines Israel’s Invitation To Start WW3 (For Now) … 91

Anyone Who Wants The US To Attack Iran Is An Enemy Of Humanity … 94

Israel’s Latest Lie Is That It Has ‘No Choice’ But To Attack Iran … 97

Stop Pretending Biden Is Some Passive Witness To Israel’s Warmongering … 100

Assange Extradition Case Moves Forward While The CIA Covers Its Tracks … 102

Escalation With Iran Seemingly Over; Now We Have To Worry About Rafah … 104

“Rules-Based Order” Means Rules For Thee But Not For We … 106

The Amputated Limbs Of Children … 110

Again, you can get a paperback copy of this issue by clicking here, or click here for a digital pay-what-you-feel copy.


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