The likelihood of it not being him gets less and less as this story grows and nobody claims that handle. If it belonged to a Berner who uses Reddit, they’d have heard about this story by now.

“and it makes perfect sense for the bernie one to go silent when it did, which was when bernie could not win anymore.”

The date when “Bernie couldn’t win anymore” is a commonly accepted meme in establishment mythology, but Berners ignored it. We were told for months over and over again that we are now at the point where “Bernie is mathematically incapable of winning”, but we kept plugging away. I’m not sure which of those imaginary time periods you are referring to, but Berners never paid them much mind.

“as one is a real panda captioned “i’m a panda who likes politics”

That’s the Twitter one. The Insta one literally has his picture in it.

I write about the end of illusions.

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