I need clarification. Do you mean there are no facts to indicate that Putin and Trump are white nationalists, or no facts to indicate that Putin backed Trump, or no facts to indicate that RT supported Stein?

The latter. There are no facts indicating RT supported Stein or covered her more than they would have covered any other Green Party candidate. As I keep repeating, RT is a news outlet and Jill Stein was a newsworthy and legitimate anti-establishment presidential candidate who was being ignored by western MSM, which is exactly the sort of thing RT tends to cover.

Again I request your clarification. Are you saying that Putin or Trump didn’t want to see Trump elected, or that the Green Party’s “Jill not Hill” campaign didn’t help him get elected?

There is no evidence that a significant percentage of Stein voters would have backed Clinton had the Green Party made the absurd, self-destructive, unprecedented decision not to run a candidate. I don’t know a single Stein voter who would have backed Clinton if Stein hadn’t run. It’s absurd to say the “Jill not Hill” meme was nefarious in some way; every campaign tries to convince voters to vote for them instead of the other candidates. How do you think elections work, exactly?

If they thought they were going to get Jill Stein elected they were delusional.

Irrelevant. It’s a party’s job to get their candidate as many votes as possible. This is self-evident.

Less than 1%

More than 1%. And also irrelevant.

Your hatred is showing

Don’t care.

Please don’t put lying words in my mouth.

Do you really expect Trump and his white supremacists to be any kinder to African Americans than Hitler was to the Jews”

Your quote. You claimed in this very conversation that Trump won’t treat African Americans any better than Hitler treated the Jews. That means a deliberate institutionalized genocidal extermination program. If you want to walk back that claim which you unquestionably did make, be my guest. If not, feel free to answer my question about how long it will take you to admit your Hitler 2.0 alarmism was wrong.

And finally since “democracy does not exist in America” should we even bother to fight against the Trump cabal taking away our freedoms?

You should fight the power establishment which has been taking away your freedoms for generations. Sure that includes Trump, but not in any unique or novel way. He’s continuing the same destructive neoliberal neoconservative Orwellian legacy as Bush and Obama.

I write about the end of illusions.

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