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Caitlin Johnstone
4 min readApr 10, 2024

The March edition of JOHNSTONE, “This Is What Our Ruling Class Has Decided Will Be Normal”, is finally available to order or download. There was a delay because Amazon gave us a hard time about this particular cover image, but it finally let us publish.

On the 25th of February, 2024, a young Airman recorded himself approaching the Israeli embassy in Washington DC and said these words:

“I’m about to engage in an extreme act of protest. But compared to what people have been experiencing in Palestine at the hands of their colonizers, it’s not extreme at all. This is what our ruling class has decided will be normal.”

He then set the camera down, walked a small distance and calmly emptied accelerant over his entire body, put on his hat and lit himself on fire, uttering the words “Free Palestine” with increasing urgency as the flames took hold of his body until he physically couldn’t make a sound ever again.

His name was Aaron Bushnell and this month’s edition of JOHNSTONE is dedicated to his memory.

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The Most American Thing That Has Ever Happened … 5

Aaron Bushnell Burned Himself Alive To Make You Turn Your Eyes To Gaza … 7

A Profound Act Of Sincerity … 9

Israel Accused Of Torturing UN Workers To Obtain False Testimony About UNRWA … 11

Crocodile Tears For Gaza While Backing Its Destruction … 13

Saying “Hamas Just Needs To Surrender” Is Saying “We’ll Kill Kids Until We Get What We Want” … 15

Genocidal Psychopaths Celebrate International Day To Combat Islamophobia … 18

They’re Really Going To Try To Lay All The Blame For Gaza On Netanyahu … 20

You Can’t Trust Any Part Of This Dystopia If You Want Health And Sanity … 22

Don’t Equate The Violence Of The Oppressor With The Violence Of The Oppressed … 24

It’s Journalistic Malpractice To Say Gazans Are Starving Without Saying Israel Is Starving Them … 26

Without Extensive Narrative Manipulation, None Of This Would Be Consented To … 28

Find Someone Who Loves You Like Israel Loves Attacking Palestinian Hospitals … 30

When The Imperial Media Report On An Israeli Massacre … 33

The Empire’s Weakness Is That It Still Needs Normal People To Turn Its Gears … 36

You Have Already Taken A Side On Israel-Palestine (Whether You Admit It Or Not) … 39

Aaron Bushnell’s Death Can’t Rightly Be Called An Act Of Suicide … 41

On Palestine And The Worthlessness Of The Western Liberal … 43

So They’re Experimenting With Military Robots In Gaza Now … 45

Nobody With Real Power Cares If You Refuse To Vote For Biden … 48

“Pay No Attention To That Genocide Right In Front Of Your Face” … 50

The Difference Between Republicans And Democrats … 52

You Can’t Be A “Lesser Evil” When You’re Sponsoring A Genocide … 54

Israel Supporters Are Some Of The Worst People In The World … 57

On Aaron Bushnell, Methinks The Israel Apologist Doth Protest Too Much … 60

Just Keep Bringing Awareness To The Depravity Of The Empire In As Many Ways As Possible … 65

When The Slaughter Stops In Gaza … 67

Pretending The US Can’t Just Drive Aid Into Gaza … 69

Worrying About TikTok During An Active Genocide … 72

This Is What Our Ruling Class Has Decided Will Be Normal … 74

If Israel Wants To Be An “Independent Nation”, Let It Be An Independent Nation … 76

Podcast And Videos … 79

Liberals Are Always Trying To Distance Biden From Netanyahu, And Netanyahu From Israel … 80

I Don’t Need Guns I Need Fire Extinguishers … 83

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Again, you can get a paperback copy of this issue by clicking here, or a digital copy by clicking here.



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