The 12 Strongest Arguments That Douma Was A False Flag

1. A leaked OPCW Engineering Assessment concluded that the gas cylinders on the scene were manually placed there.

2. US officials reportedly pressured the OPCW to find evidence of Assad’s guilt.

3. Levels of chlorinated organic chemicals didn’t indicate any chlorine gas attack took place.

4. Many signs and symptoms of alleged chlorine gas poisoning weren’t consistent with chlorine gas poisoning.

5. A doctor in Douma told journalist Robert Fisk that there was no gas poisoning.

6. A BBC reporter said he has proof that the hospital scene was staged.

7. More evidence the Douma scene was knowingly staged for media.

8. Witness testimony at The Hague.

9. The first OPCW Director General finds the glaring irregularities and omissions from the OPCW’s Douma report “very disturbing”.

10. This OAN reporter literally just walking around asking people in Douma what they saw.

11. MIT Professor Emeritus Theodore Postol speaking about the plot holes and irregularities in scientific protocol with the Douma investigation.

12. Common sense: Assad stood nothing to gain from launching a chemical attack, while Jaysh al-Islam fighters stood everything to gain by faking one.



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