That’s an obnoxious accusation. I didn’t respond to your previous post because I didn’t see it; I get too many comments across multiple platforms to possibly read and respond to them all. Didn’t see this one until just now either. I wrote about the QAnon/4D chess nonsense because, as I explicitly said in the article that you are commenting on, I’ve been inundated by comments from Trump supporters making those arguments. Just because it looks like a tiny and irrelevant fringe phenomenon within your particular slice of internet experience doesn’t mean that’s the case for everyone.

The rest of your argument is an attempt to separate the behaviors of the Trump administration from Trump himself, the individual, and who he is as a person in his heart of hearts. I am exactly as uninterested in making this distinction as I was in making a distinction between the Obama administration’s continuation and expansion of the Bush administration’s warmongering and Orwellian oppression and who Obama is as a human being in his heart of hearts. I don’t care. Either he’s in charge or he’s an impotent puppet who has no control over his own administration; either way, that’s the disease I’m pointing at. When I say “Trump” or “Obama” I’m not making any kind of comment on who those people are deep inside, I’m referring to their administrations. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is some kind of personal disdain for Trump as a person on my part; it’s annoying when you conflate my behavior with that of the pussyhatters.

Since you bring up Trump as an individual, however, it is as I said an undeniable fact that he could pardon Assange at any time. The Mueller investigation is over. Trump is aware of his imprisonment and pending extradition. What he as an individual is choosing to do is look the other way and, when asked about Assange, lie and claim he knows nothing about it. That rests squarely on the shoulders of Trump the person, as a human being.

I write about the end of illusions.

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