No — no, this is a mischaracterization: there is a ton of evidence around what Russia did, what Wikileaks did, etc. This is in the FBI indictment (a server-farm in America was used as a staging ground).

That’s a faith-based claim. You have no idea what evidence the intelligence community actually has. The FBI indictment contains assertions, not evidence. Assertions are not evidence. Iraq made this abundantly clear.

What you are saying is “well, sure — there’s a ton of evidence — but it’s technical and a bunch of it is in the hands of the intel agencies and the FBI so I choose not to believe it.”

That is decidedly not what I am saying, and you know it. Stop being knowingly intellectually honest or I will block you from my blog. Imaginary secret evidence is not evidence. There is no publicly available evidence, so as far as the public is concerned there is no evidence.

You posit a massive conspiracy that is air-tight and somehow immune to puncture from their political enemies (the GOP).

Lol the GOP are not enemies of the US intelligence community. The US intelligence community has no significant enemies in the US. And it wouldn’t need to be a massive conspiracy; the entire thing is based on the unsubstantiated claims of a few hand-picked agents selected by known Russophobic racist James Clapper.

It’s an ultra weak position

Says the guy losing this debate.

I write about the end of illusions.

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