Ten Thoughts About Hurricanes, Climate Change, And The Deep State

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I suppose I may as well continue my daily tradition of alienating half my readership and challenge my right-leaning followers today. Don’t worry, I’m sure my lefty readers will be mad at me for whatever I write tomorrow.

As a Category 5 hurricane approaches the Caribbean on a possible collision course with Florida, I’d like to offer the following ten thoughts on climate change and the implications it has for our current political reality:

  1. The science showing the warming effect of man’s carbon-releasing industrial activities was discovered in 1896 by a man named Svante Arrhenius. Nobody accused him of being a pawn in a globalist conspiracy; the scientific world simply noted his discovery with an “Oh cool yeah, that makes sense.” One of his colleagues even suggested setting fire to unused coal seams in order to increase global temperature, because back then milder winters sounded like a nice idea. It wasn’t until this line of scientific inquiry became threatening to the fossil fuel industry that it turned into a radically politicized debate propelled by Koch-funded research teams and Fox News. I think this speaks for itself.
  2. It is perfectly understandable that some woke people feel skeptical about mainstream climate science. You’re aware that your government and its politicians lie constantly, and there’s no good reason to give them the benefit of the doubt when they say “Yeah we’re gonna need way more authority over human behavior on a global scale,” especially when it involves a total transformation of the existing world economy that is surely worth trillions of dollars.
  3. It is very possible that anthropogenic climate change is responsible for these weird back-to-back historic hurricanes.
  4. Intellectually honest skeptics of mainstream climate science should also visit the other end of the spectrum and read the research compiled by Guy McPherson, professor emeritus of natural resources, ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona. McPherson argues that the evidence he’s compiled indicates that not only can climate change cause the extinction of the human species in the very near future, but that it definitely will. He lists dozens of irreversible self-reinforcing feedback loops (environmental warming effects which exacerbate themselves) triggered by human behavior which he claims will continue heating the earth in nonlinear leaps whether we make a full-scale switch to clean energy or not. I personally assign a low probability to 100 percent of McPherson’s claims being completely accurate, but if he’s even a fraction of the way correct our species is looking at some very severe existential challenges very soon.
  5. People who deny the existence of an American “deep state” are either speaking from dishonesty or from ignorance. The term does not refer to some conspiracy theory about a shadowy cabal of baby-sacrificing Illuminati, but to a concept in political analysis which accounts for the self-evident fact that there are unelected power structures in America which tend to collaborate with one another in various ways. These unelected power structures include the intelligence community, the military-industrial complex, the plutocrats of big oil, Wall Street, Silicon Valley etc., and the corporate media. It is not disputable that these groups exist or that they collaborate with one another toward various agendas; all that’s up for debate is the manner and extent to which they do so.
  6. This unelected power establishment is loosely centralized in the United States, but fosters the stated agenda of world dominance. The goal of using climate change to extend its control of human behavior on a global scale is without a doubt something that these people are interested in. These pernicious manipulators will almost certainly be balls deep in any global movement toward sustainable energy practices we make as a species. They will try to shore up control over the global economy, the world’s energy infrastructure, its governments, and its laws.
  7. As we move closer to climate chaos, we can expect increasingly severe isolated natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods, and eventually temperature spikes and freezes which will kill crops and decimate industrial agriculture, causing mass famine. This will cause people to get desperate for solutions, which will be the power establishment’s chance to swoop in and save the day with global energy policy overhauls and probably geoengineering as well. World governments will be forced to sign onto this in desperation, handing unmitigated control of the world to the oligarchs. Such plans almost certainly exist, and the technology for it is almost certainly being developed and warehoused for this eventuality.
  8. In theory a planetary government is potentially a good thing. Without conflicting nations, war could become a thing of the past, nuclear weapons could be destroyed, resources can be evenly distributed and we could create paradise on earth. I am sure this is precisely the vision that many of these deep state manipulators claim to be working toward.
  9. The trouble is that these people appear to be amoral sociopaths. The power establishment which effectively owns the US government is perfectly fine with snuffing out a million Iraqis to keep its fossil fuel and banking structures operating smoothly and pouring billions of dollars into butchering civilians with drones while Americans die of poor healthcare and poverty. These are not the people you want running the world. At least if a tyrant seizes control of your country you can flee elsewhere; if tyrants control your planet you’ve got nowhere to go. Any rebellion can be easily quashed by a unified planetwide police force, and humanity becomes a propagandized, unthinking proletariat shaped however the oligarchs want forevermore.
  10. It is therefore necessary to beat the deep state before any of this happens. Wake humanity up to the deceptions they’re being fed, kill the establishment propaganda machine using our unprecedented ability to network and share information, get real humans acting in their own interests instead of the interests of a few sociopathic plutocrats, and take control of the destiny of our species. Maybe one day we can unite together on a planetary scale, but in a healthy way, on our terms.

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