Summa Psychonautica: O Hominid

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O Hominid

You are a big fish in a small pond.

No, that’s wrong.

You are a big fish in a small fish tank.
A celestial leviathan at the apex of evolution
imprisoned in an artificial box that was manufactured in a sweat shop.

We are gods in cages
made of insurance commercials and war propaganda.

The feral behemoths are growing weary of their chains
which hang from their necks like overboiled spaghetti.
Soon oceans of wolves will howl from their chests,
and the brain boxes will burst like soap bubbles,
and the dull gaze of the manipulators
will be met with the savage eyes of every species that has ever lived.

The propagandists have been perfecting their sick science
for about a century, give or take.
Your cells have been mastering this dance for 3.5 billion years.
Your atoms have been at this since the birth of the universe.
The fight between the primordial beast and the mental diddlers
is not a fair one.

Toddlers outgrow their clothing
no matter how loose and stretchy you buy it.
Wild primates outgrow their cages
no matter how tightly you seal them in.

I can hear the braying.
The yowling and snarling.
It is growing louder and louder.

Go take your hand and place it on the earth, O hominid.
This is your home.
That is all the permission you require.

The primal eyes snap open.
They outnumber the stars.


I write about the end of illusions.

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