Seeds Of Sedition: Free Printable Mini-Zines You Can Leave Around The Neighborhood

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I want to try something a little different, just to see how people like it. I’ve made four printable mini-zines of a few of my recent non-time sensitive essays; all you have to do is print them out, cut and fold them as illustrated in the diagram below, and leave them on bus seats, train station benches, laundromat tables, and wherever else around the neighborhood people might pick one up and read it. I’m experimenting with different ways of throwing ideas which challenge establishment narratives over the echo chamber walls, and I figure getting literature off of the internet and into the real world might be a cool one to try.

All four zines are black and white and print on a single side of one sheet of paper. First pick one you like from these PDFs (if you want to look at the online essays in their original format before choosing one, “Babies” is here, “Humans” is here, “Hollywood” is here, and “Reality” is here):

Seeds of Sedition #1: Babies

Seeds of Sedition #2: Humans

Seeds of Sedition #3: Hollywood

Seeds of Sedition #4: Reality

Then you print out one and fold and cut it like this:

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Try it out if you feel so inclined and let me know what you think. If I get positive feedback on this, I’ll make more.


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