No tapdancing about it, I’m not trying to say that real networks don’t occasionally see bad stories get through.

Saying a deliberately staged fake interview presented to the audience as a real interview exploiting a small child for war propaganda is a “bad story” is indeed tapdancing. It’s propaganda. You know it’s propaganda.

They take action on them and fire reporters.

Alisyn Camerota still hosts a lead show on CNN. She was never fired or even demoted. CNN has yet to acknowledge what they did.

RT runs state media, never retracts falsehoods,

That’s false. I’ve seen them retract bad stories.

You’re just watching Hannity with a direct Russian spin.

You’re just living in a partisan echo chamber where the only conceivable reason someone could doubt the establishment Russia narrative is if they were a Republican. I’m a lifelong lefty and I deeply hate Hannity.

I write about the end of illusions.

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