Satori Populism

Caitlin Johnstone
4 min readJul 15, 2020

If I had to put a label on my politics and I was being 100 percent straightforward about it I’d probably call myself a “satori populist” or something. I believe humanity wins by awakening from its dysfunctional relationship with mental narrative and moving into enlightened collectivism.

There’s nothing establishment power structures can do to prevent humanity from doing on a mass scale what it’s been doing on a small scale for millennia: shifting from a dysfunctional relationship with the mind into a healthy one. That door is basically unlocked and unguarded, and is likely to remain so.

We’re at an evolve-or-die point as a species, and we’ve been seeing individuals make this shift in consciousness for thousands of years, so we know we have that potential in us. This is constantly overlooked, but it has far-reaching political implications.

You can call this impractical New Age crap or whatever, but is it really more impractical and unrealistic than believing human society can be drastically restructured for the better without such a shift? Or believing we’ll be saved by greedy monopolistic tech oligarchs? Not in my opinion.

The only way to have a truly free and healthy society is for humans to freely collaborate with each other and with our ecosystem. The only way to have this is via a people’s movement out of egoic consciousness and into an awake relationship with reality.

Will we get there? I don’t know. I do know that the potential for such shifts is in us, and can emerge in the most bizarre and unexpected ways imaginable.

The unfortunate reality is that nothing we’re doing works. All our attempts to change the global status quo have failed, and no human societies are operating with the degree of collaboration with each other and with the ecosystem necessary to avert the existential hurdles which face us.

But the door to a mass-scale awakening remains wide open, and looks increasingly more achievable by the day. I see many signs that it’s happening already, completely indifferent to my intellectual babblings about it.

So how would one be a “satori populist”, or whatever you want to call it? Simple. You just do what you probably do already: work to expand public awareness of what’s really going on in the world. But also, additionally, you work to expand consciousness of what’s going on in you as well.

The consistent trend over the last four years, and this year especially, has been an accelerating pattern of expanded awareness. Awareness of government tyranny, police state oppression, electoral corruption, mainstream media lies, etc. This will likely keep accelerating.

Information and awareness will likely keep expanding with increasing speed, regardless of what establishment power structures do. It’s out of their hands now. It’s in the hands of ordinary humans. This can’t avoid expanding our consciousness inwardly, too.

We can’t know what this change will look like, since becoming conscious of the previously unconscious is by its very nature a movement into the unknown. But at this point, what the hell have we as a species got to lose? We either make the jump or we go extinct.

I say floor it.


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