Even if there is some weird legal requirement that a political party can’t miss an election and still secure a place on the ballot, which I doubt,

Read this hyperlink from my article I keep citing.

there is no law that says the Green Party had to put up a candidate strongly backed by a foreign state led by a white nationalist [Putin] that was also backing another white nationalist [Trump] for the presidency.

There are also no facts which say that happened.

There is certainly no law that said that Green Party candidate had to focus her campaign in such a way as to support the white supremacist agenda of those two men.

That did not happen.

Your main argument seems to be that the Green Party did nothing wrong because it was just doing what it always did, but doing the thing same over and over again and expecting the same result can also be a form of insanity

That’s stupid. The Green Party tries to get candidates elected. That’s what political parties are supposed to do. They run candidates because they (with good reason IMO) legitimately believe that their candidates are far superior to those put forward by the Democrats and the Republicans. Stein was vastly superior to Clinton on all issues. People wanted her elected.

My first article set out to show the extent of RT’s support for a Jill Stein. If none of the facts laid out in that article can be disproven, that is validation enough.

Your first article showed that RT is a news site which reported on a legitimate, newsworthy presidential candidate who was being ignored by the mainstream media. RT has always done this.

Do you really think we’ve seen the worst morbid imperialism can deliver in terms of a fascist regime? Do you really expect Trump and his white supremacists to be any kinder to African Americans than Hitler was to the Jews

Your ilk has been telling Stein supporters for a year and a half that Trump was going to start throwing minorities in concentration camps and committing genocide against all non-whites the instant he was elected. A year into his presidency and he’s proven to be a typical, garden-variety Republican sleazeball. At what point will you relinquish your ridiculous hyperbolic gaslighting tactics? 2018? 2019? 2020? At what point will you admit that you were wrong about the Hitler 2.0 alarmism?

The last line of your article is also designed to disarm people for the challenges we now face.

False. It was to point to the fact that democracy does not exist in America, which most Americans remain unaware of.

I write about the end of illusions.

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