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People gather together at the zoo
to pretend they aren’t wild animals.

People gather together in churches
to pretend they aren’t God.

People gather together at the feet of the guru
to pretend he has something they don’t have.

People gather together in movie theaters
to pretend the real hero exists outside themselves.

People gather together in museums
to pretend the real beauty is hung on the walls.

People gather together at political rallies
to pretend a politician holds the key to change.

People gather together at costume parties
to pretend they’re not wearing costumes all the time.

They play dress-up
as extras in someone else’s story.
They play make-believe
and imagine incompleteness.

This is it.
You are it.
You are as it as it gets.

The Beloved is playing peekaboo with itself.

Saṃsāra is just Buddha trolling you.






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I write about the end of illusions.

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