Oligarch-Owned Media Outlets Really, REALLY Want You To Love George W Bush

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There’s a major breaking news story being reported on by both liberal and conservative mainstream media outlets across America, and it urgently needs your attention.

The major news story can be summed up as follows: a former US president went to a wedding where there was dancing, and that former US president joined in the dancing. He bent his knees in time to the beat and moved his arms a bit. The song he was dancing to was Dead or Alive’s mid-1980s hit “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)”.

That’s it. That’s the whole entire news report.

That’s right, all the plutocrat-controlled media, from the Murdoch-controlled Fox and Friends to the Brian L. Roberts-controlled Today Show to the Zucker and Bewkes-controlled CNN to the Phillip Anschutz-controlled Washington Examiner to the Koch-controlled Time Magazine urgently wants you to know that former US president George W Bush is capable of bobbing in time to music like a normal human being. It is very important to these oligarchic lackeys that you be made aware of a few seconds of video footage showing a war criminal dancing around being happy with no visible blood on his hands.

This is just the latest episode in the mass media’s endless campaign to endear a Hague fugitive to the unwashed masses. From his appearance dancing and frolicking with Ellen Degeneres last year to Bezos-controlled op-eds about how much everyone misses him, these oligarchic propaganda firms have been working tirelessly to ensure a rehabilitated image of the 43rd president.

And it’s been working. A CNN poll from earlier this year found that Bush’s approval ratings have done a complete 180, and he is now on the receiving of warm, gooshy feelings from 61 percent of the US population. His approval among Democrats has shot up from a mere 11 percent in 2009 to 54 percent today, without his having done anything during that time period except paint pictures of his feet.

Bush hasn’t changed since 2009. He’s still the guy who deceived the world into decimating Iraq and killing a million human beings, and no amount of rhythmic knee-bending is ever going to change that. The man hasn’t changed, but the perception of him has. This is because public perception of the Bush administration is being very carefully managed and manipulated. And this is happening for a reason.

These oligarch-owned media outlets are working to make the public support George W Bush for the same reason they did so after 9/11: because wars are planned, and the oligarchs stand to benefit from them.

Iraq-raping neoconservatives have been increasingly elevated to positions of power in the current administration, and with Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State and John Bolton as national security advisor this administration is now arguably packed with even more neocon bloodlust than the Bush administration was. There is in my opinion no reason for such insatiable vampires to be elevated to such positions unless wars are planned, but good luck trying to point to the Bush administration as a way of sounding the alarm to Trump’s political opposition about that now.

The US-centralized empire is built on and sustained by endless warfare. Without endless warfare, the foundation that the US oligarchy is built upon would vanish as America is forced to develop a real economy that isn’t propped up with the barrel of a gun, and the oligarchic kingdoms would collapse. This is why nearly all US media is owned by billionaires and dominated by plutocrat-funded foreign policy think tanks. This is also why liberal and conservative mainstream media outlets always unite in approval when it is time for war.

Iraq was part of a preexisting plan, and so are many other Middle Eastern countries. The US-centralized and plutocrat-owned empire is according to its own data fast approaching post-primacy, and it needs to disrupt all potential rivals to its hegemony as quickly as possible to prevent that from happening. The Iran hawks that are filling this administration, the Russia hysteria, the Syria lies, the North Korea panic, all fit together in this same agenda.

They are rehabilitating the image of the Bush administration because they want to have another one.

I remember toward the end of Bush’s first term people in conspiracy circles were saying there might never be another presidential election following reports that the administration had been looking for ways to postpone Election Day in the event of a new terrorist attack. It turns out that those conspiracy buffs were right all along: Bush never left office. He just changed skin color a couple of times. From pale to brown, from brown to orange.

And now that everyone has forgotten the horrors of the Iraq invasion and a new generation of soldiers is coming of age, they are ready to start ramping up the action again. We are now being pummeled with relentless narratives about what Russia, Iran, North Korea and Syria are up to, all with basically as much evidence as we were given for Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction, and all serving the agendas of the US-centralized empire to disrupt geopolitical rivals to avoid post-primacy and the rise of a multipolar world.

George W Bush is evil. Everyone who facilitated his wars is evil. The decimation of Iraq was evil, and is unforgivable. The people who inflicted this evil upon our world are not the people who should be in the driver’s seat. We need to take our world back from these monsters.


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