Ohh. This explains why, despite our naive simple-folk shock at what is being uncovered in ongoing citizens investigation into #pizzagate, there is a sense of “Meh” from those in the know. There’s a sense underpinning their kinda… LAZY half-assed ridiculing response that we’ve stumbled across an open secret of the untouchably powerful and they’re a bit surprised we didn’t know about it already anyway.

I couldn’t understand why James Alefantis would so openly troll people watching his Instagram with a total disregard for raising police suspicion, unless of course, he wanted to be tacitly associated with it. Reminds me of signalling tactics teenagers use to alert their peers in the know to their cool-but-illicit activities. There is definitely a sense that pedophilia is cool in DC. If they’re not actually doing it, they’re definitely buying art of it, they’re using code words from it, and they’re using symbols from it in their logos and for their profile pics. A grotesque bacchanalian coolness of people who are too rich, too powerful, too bored and too unimaginative to do anything but mine the excesses of evil.

But it’s this cool in-the-knowness that pervades all the supporting and circumstantial evidence of a horrifically sick and perverted culture of those who are ultimately leaders of the planet that is so damning yet so hard poke a stick at and say “See? Yuck! Do you see?”

These are the leaders of the world. These are the people who we hope will avert climate change and bring peace to the planet. God help us.

Thank you so much for all your work over all these years. I really hope we can unplug this cancerous network from our institutions and our leadership positions.

I write about the end of illusions.

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