Of course. That’s why I proposed before 12 weeks so the woman would know just what sort of support she would have before deciding whether or not to continue with the pregnancy. The man would have to opt-out totally though. No backdoor Disney Dad bullshit where he gets to come pretend to be a Dad for a day, disrupting the child and reeling the mother in and out and confusing things, oh god…

Ugh, you know what? Fuck it, as long as we’re just shooting the shit here, wouldn’t it be awesome to have men take absolute full responsibility for sowing their seed and if they don’t want to potentially make someone pregnant, they just keep it in their pants? That would obliterate the low-key rapey culture we’ve got going on here where men treat “getting” sex like a game and swap tips on how to hack women’s psyche and trick her into having sex with them. That would completely dry up overnight given the consequences.

I write about the end of illusions.

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