Not one of the things you just named interferes with deep state agendas. Like I said in the same article you’re quoting, “the words of any US president can be safely ignored when it comes to policies which interfere with the agendas of US plutocrats, war profiteers and intelligence agencies. When it comes to treating immigrants like garbage or destroying the environment there will likely be little resistance and there will be no deep state inertia, but if a president tries to interfere with the profit margins or geopolitical power grabs of the people who really run America, they’ll quickly find themselves running into a brick wall.”

Immigration, conservative SCOTUS appointment, deregulation and tax cuts don’t hurt the oligarchs, the intelligence agencies or the war machine any, and don’t interfere in any globalist agendas, so of course he’ll be allowed to play with those.

I write about the end of illusions.

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