Nobody Who Fought Against Russia Could Possibly Be Bad!

Caitlin Johnstone
4 min readSep 26, 2023


Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Just because Ukraine has Nazi paramilitaries and just because it’s impossible to take photos of Ukrainian soldiers without capturing Nazi insignia and just because Ukrainian Nazis get applauded in parliament doesn’t mean we’re on the side of the Nazis, you crazy Russian shill.

Western minds have become so warped by cold war hysteria these last few years that it never occurred to a single person in an entire giant room full of professional politicians that someone who fought against Russia during World War II might be a bad guy. Having fought against Russia at any point in history is just reflexively assumed to have put you on the right side.

Remember when US liberals were conditioned to hate Russia by a completely false narrative which was fed to the media by the western intelligence cartel, while the west was engaging in actions that same intelligence cartel knew would provoke a war with Russia? Crazy coincidence.

If you think the US government has been doing evil things in Ukraine, wait til the information becomes declassified in a few decades about the real nasty shit they were up to behind the veil of government secrecy.

The media and online psyops alone will be jaw dropping.

I love how it’s no longer seriously disputed that NATO expansion provoked this war and even the head of NATO now admits it, so now empire apologists’ only argument is claiming that Russia simply shouldn’t have viewed NATO expansion as a threat. As though that’s an answer.

They work so hard on internet control for the same reason they’ve worked so hard on media control: to control the public. The easiest way to control people is to control how they think, and the easiest way to control how they think is to control what information they consume.

When Russia and China draw a “red line”, it’s about a threat to their national security on their own borders. When the US draws a “red line”, it’s about the internal affairs of another country on the other side of the world.

I guess if you spend generations training a population to believe that it’s perfectly fine and normal for your government to work to topple communist governments around the world solely because they are communist, a lot of them will be on board when it’s time to go after China.

The US empire is a global version of Israel. One’s a nation that can only exist by endless war, the other’s a globe-spanning power structure of allies, assets, military bases, and economic/monetary norms that can only exist by endless war.

The fastest way to get me to completely lose interest in your analysis is to start pouring your energy into divisive culture war issues. In a world that’s hurtling toward nuclear annihilation and environmental collapse there’s just no reason to be running around shitting on trans people and shrieking about pronouns or whatever. Even if you’re generally right about other important issues, the fact that you think that’s a wise expenditure of your political energy tells me you don’t truly understand the gravity of those other issues and only have a very limited perspective.

Leftists who oppose past wars but never the present one are the absolute worst. Their posture on past wars allows them enough anti-imperialist cred to maintain influence over leftist circles, while their position on what’s happening here and now (the only thing that actually matters) is indistinguishable from John Bolton or Lindsey Graham.

The most significant feature of leftists as a group is the same as the most significant feature of any other group: they’re mostly confused, dysfunctional, and dominated by ego. That’s just where the human species is at right now. Socialism has failed to manifest in the western world for a whole host of reasons, but a big one is just that humans are too easily distracted, divided, manipulated and led astray to create a healthy world at this particular point in spacetime. We’re not going to be able to organize effectively and start moving toward health until we wake up from the dysfunctional relationship with thought that allows manipulators to continually neuter and nullify our political energy.


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