No, what is particularly troubling is your McCarthyite insinuation of Kremlin collusion to divert attention away from your misdeeds. Just when I think this moronic Russia hysteria can’t possibly get any more pants-on-head-screaming-at-cars psychotic, the Clinton campaign goes and smears a stalwart establishment loyalist with xenophobic redbaiting for the first time in her life she’s ever stepped even slightly out of line.

Shame on you. Shame on the lot of you. You actively colluded with the DNC in a way that you knew was inappropriate, and your candidate’s appalling levels of corruption put Trump in the White House. You should be grovelling at America’s feet begging for forgiveness, not boasting about how you managed to lose an election with 3 million more popular votes. And certainly not blaming your failures on Russia.

Hillary collapsed in front of the entire nation and needed to be thrown into her limo like a sack of potatoes. That did happen. You cannot gaslight us out of knowing that that happened. Everyone in America briefly considered the possibility that she might be unable to continue in that moment, whether they admitted it or not, yourselves included, and you know it. That didn’t make you Kremlin agents, it made you normal. Brazile considering the possibility of Clinton’s health having an impact on her job as acting DNC chair was an extremely normal thing to have thought about. My god.

Stop psychologically brutalizing Democrats into believing you did a good job. You did not do a good job. You failed. Own it. Get your rapey fingers out of people’s minds, stop trying to manipulate them, and own your failure. Monsters.

I write about the end of illusions.

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