To be “concise” about it, would require a book-length response

No it wouldn’t, that’s pure bullshit. I can defend 100 percent of my positions on Twitter, usually in one or two tweets. If people need more details I can supply them, but I can always clearly and concisely tell them what I know and how I know it within a few 280-character posts. If you actually know what you claim to know, so can you. If you can’t, you’re just bullshitting.

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If you can’t explain your position clearly and concisely, you don’t understand it as well as you’re pretending to. You’ve just been marinating in an echo chamber that has given you the feeling that you know something, without actually giving you the understanding.

So far on this subject neither you nor anyone else has been able to do the thing people can do when they actually understand something. You don’t understand your own position, yet you’re demanding that I write essays defending the position you don’t even understand. That’s an absurd, ridiculous thing to do.

I write about the end of illusions.

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