No, everything you just wrote is completely wrong, and it’s because you lack a basic understanding of the concept of sovereignty.

You are a sovereign being. I am a sovereign being. We both get to dress however we want and act however we want, but my right to extend my fist ends at your nose. I am at that point violating your sovereignty. If I’m grabbing you or intimidating you, I have crossed my boundary and entered yours. If you wear a tight t-shirt, you’re not violating my sovereignty, you’re just doing you.

You remind me of the US military, invading sovereign countries and controlling the world in the name of “self-defense”. In reality, America is transgressing the sovereignty of those nations, and the people who fight back are fighting in self-defense. Just mind your own borders, mate. You get to do whatever you want within your own sovereign borders, but you don’t get to invade mine. It’s very simple.

I write about the end of illusions.

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