I paraphrased directly from your consistent position that Trump would not put up any meaningful fight to the election result

My consistent position is that Trump’s glorified temper tantrum will not lead anywhere and will with 100 percent certainty result in his leaving office on January 20th, and that all the MSM scaremongering about him somehow staging a “coup” and becoming president longer than that is ridiculous. I am not wrong about this position, I am right.

Don’t refer to an outlet you constantly (and rightfully) deride for a factual summary of an issue you can easily summarize in your own words. How is that point not obvious?

That’s stupid nonsense; I need to cite my claims. MSM outlets are often the first to report a story. Only someone with a very infantile understanding of propaganda thinks NYT being a shitty propaganda rag means they simply lie about the actual stories they’re reporting. That’s not how it works.

I write about the end of illusions.

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