MSM Keeps Running Stories About Space Aliens All Of A Sudden, And It’s Weird

Caitlin Johnstone
5 min readMar 15, 2018

This Red Scare reboot keeps getting stranger and stranger.

In a recent discussion with Infowars‘ Alex Jones, Luis Elizondo of To The Stars Academy spoke about new video footage of UFO phenomena recently released by the Pentagon, and says the three videos that have been released so far comprise just a small fraction of the strange and compelling evidence that he has accessed personally.

“These are just three videos now that have come out that everybody’s looking at,” Elizondo said as Jones downed an entire pitcher of CAVEMAN True Alpha Bone Broth Formula™ without pausing to breathe or breaking eye contact with the camera. “But there is far more compelling evidence that I was privy to that — you know, I think you’re looking at the tip of the iceberg.”

“It could be anything, so I wouldn’t rule anything out, and that’s why I think we need to look at it,” Elizondo added. “I mean it could be Russian. It could be Chinese. It could be little green men from Mars. We don’t know what the hell it is.”

Oh wait, sorry, I got mixed up. That wasn’t Infowars, it was CNN.

The mass media propaganda machine is very busy. It’s got wars to manufacture consent for, it’s got Russia to lie about, it’s got a CIA-packed midterm election to sell as healthy democracy, it’s got end-stage ecocidal neoliberalism to disguise as freedom and sanity, and it’s got a corporatist oligarchy to dress up as a constitutional representative republic. How is it finding the time to talk about space aliens so much all of a sudden?

This is weird. I don’t know much about UFO phenomena, but I do know the mass media machine, and it’s acting really weird. And I’d just like to flag that, please.

Elizondo’s statements are intriguing; a former official who oversaw actual UFO research at the Pentagon and then resigned to advocate transparency about the program’s findings is just plain interesting no matter which way you slice it. It’s just not the sort of thing you’d normally see covered in depth by CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, New York Magazine, USA Today, and Business Insider with headlines like “The US Navy keeps encountering mysterious UFOs — and no one can figure out what they are.”

They’re not the sort of thing you expect to see Brian Stelter tweeting about as casually as if he were discussing the latest Stormy Daniels media fart. This is not one of those things we used to be encouraged to focus on in large doses from the mainstream news media, and yet here we are.

Last month NBC News ran an honest-to-god story seriously titled “Scientists say space aliens could hack our planet” about a recent non-peer reviewed paper by two astrophysicists arguing that there is a risk of extraterrestrials beaming subversive or destructive data to this planet. It was authored by a senior astronomer at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute. The story was also promoted by Motherboard and the Murdoch press here in Australia. The International Business Times, which is owned by Newsweek, recently joined the London Evening Standard in reporting that there are three-fingered mummies in Peru that have been discovered to have a possible extraterrestrial origin.

So we’ve got UFO footage suddenly being released with the approval of the Pentagon, and a bit of an odd uptick in reports about space aliens in general being promoted in surprising places like NBC News. I don’t know why this is happening. But I do know that the last Cold War with the Soviet Union was accompanied by a UFO panic, and that the US and its allies are well into a new cold war with Russia.

A 2002 study by British researchers combed through thousands of previously secret government documents about UFO phenomena, and concluded that the UFO craze was most likely attributable to Cold War paranoia and not visitors from the stars. It also found that defense and intelligence agencies had taken a great interest in manipulating the UFO panic to gain an advantage over the Soviets. A Guardian article about the study reports the following:

“But Clarke and Roberts, whose research is to be published this week in a book called Out of the Shadows , did uncover evidence that the American Secret Service, with the possible connivance of the British, looked at ways of using the public panic over UFOs as a psychological weapon against the Russians.

In CIA memos marked ‘secret’ and seen by The Observer, top officials consider exploiting the UFO craze. ‘I suggest that we discuss the possible offensive or defensive utilisation of these phenomena for psychological warfare purposes,’ wrote CIA director Walter Smith in 1952.

‘Shortly after that meeting the CIA sent a delegation to Britain to discuss UFOs. It is hard to imagine that they did not discuss the psychological warfare aspects of it with their British counterparts,’ Clarke said.”

So we’ve been here before, and we shouldn’t rule out the possibility that all these exciting new UFO revelations suddenly being covered in mainstream outlets are nothing more than new cold war manipulations of some sort by the CIA and the Pentagon. I don’t really know what’s going on with all this, but I do know it’s not normal, and I know that truth is the first casualty of war. This most certainly includes cold war, where psyops play a much larger role than in conventional hot warfare.

Eyes wide, my lovelies.


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