Moving House Again — No Articles For The Next Few Days

Caitlin Johnstone
2 min readMay 16, 2024

This is just an announcement to let my newsletter followers know there won’t be any articles for the next few days. Our family’s moving house once again; we keep getting our homes pulled out from under us by landlords eager to sell in Melbourne’s pricey market. It worked out okay and we found another rental, but the move means I won’t have time to write anything substantial until we’re settled in.

I’ll tune in for the Assange hearing on the 20th; hopefully things will be mostly done by then, but if something needs to be written I’ll make time either way.

There’s an online auction going of my original oil paintings for the next four days if anyone’s interested. Some of the proceeds are going to UNRWA and the Assange Defence Fund.

I look forward to getting settled in to a new operating base and resuming the fight. Talk soon.



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