More Signs Emerge That Russiagate Is Dying

Relax. It’s nearly over.

I hate to say I told you so… okay I’m lying, it’s like crack to me. I’ll never get tired of reminding establishment Democrats what absolute maniacal freaks they’ve been for the last few months, and how spectacularly wrong they were. I daresay I’ll be reminding them of this for however many months or years it takes to get these McResistance oligarchic sycophants to quit swerving into parked cars and hand the real progressives the keys. Whenever these morons start telling us it’s a good idea to elect Oprah Winfrey to the presidency or replace America’s traffic cameras with military drones or whatever their next ridiculous antic is, I’ll be the first on the scene saying “Yeah, but aren’t you the same daffy cartoon characters who used to tell us that Trump will go to prison for colluding with the Russian government to win the 2016 election?”

There are now more indications than ever that your hysterical #TrumpRussia nonsense is gasping its last breaths, Democrats, and I promise you that those of us who kept our heads will never, ever stop making fun of you for the crazy nonsense we’ve had to put up with from you nutbags since the election. We can’t ever stop. If we do you won’t learn anything.

Establishment Democrats and progressives at home.

I’ve been saying it for months and I’ll say it yet again: Stop trying to make Russiagate happen. It’s not going to happen. I promise right here and now that if hard proof ever emerges of Trump colluding with Russia to win the 2016 election, I will change my Twitter handle to PeterDaou’sSexKitten. If he’s impeached or arrested for it I’ll delete my Medium account and personally crawl on my knees to David Brock to apply for a job at ShareBlue. It will not happen.

If there was any proof that Trump and Russia colluded to win the 2016 election, the intelligence community would have leaked it to the Washington Post in December. It is looking increasingly unlikely that there will ever even be an independent investigation into the Russia nonsense, and even if there is it won’t have anywhere near the capability that the intelligence community’s sprawling surveillance networks have had for years. If there was anything to find they would have found it, and there’s no rational reason that the Trump campaign would even need to collaborate with Russia in order for Russia to hack the Democratic party’s emails and pass them to WikiLeaks in the first place; they wouldn’t need an American political candidate’s cooperation to do it, they’d just do it. Putin did not have some crystal ball that could accurately predict years in advance that Trump would become president but failed to predict the fact that Russiagate would be used to escalate tensions between the two nations to their most dangerous point in decades.

You need a break, Democrats.

As we discussed last week, Russiagate is on its way out the door. Savor its smell my corporate liberal brothers and sisters, because these are the last whiffs you’ll ever get of its powerfully addictive musk. His neoconservative policy switcheroos on Syria, Russia, China, NATO and WikiLeaks prove that Trump has fully bent the knee to America’s unelected power establishment, so there’s no need for the #TrumpRussia psy-op anymore. It was only ever there to leverage Trump into capitulating to the oligarchs and their neocon butt puppets. The American public will be paced out of the Russiagate hysteria by the corporate media as gradually and manipulatively as they were paced into it, and before long they’ll be barking at whatever new hallucinations Chris Cuomo and Rachel Maddow concoct for them to focus on. Hence my promise to make sure that everyone remembers this one.

This is the same lady who said that Putin is invading Korea.

The above tweet is by corporatist Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who in addition to leading the Russiagate charge has also used her position to spread the brazen lie that it was known to be “absolutely true” that Trump had a kinky encounter with some well-hydrated Russian prostitutes as alleged in the error-riddled and unverified Christopher Steele dossier. Apparently frustrated at the news that the only thing giving her significance in American politics is about to be taken away (keep a caring eye on her when it happens, please; Joseph McCarthy drank himself to death after he lost his witch hunt gig), Waters shared an article by Yahoo News Chief Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff, whose sources tell him that the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Russia probe has been completely stalled out by partisan bickering.

The article itself was energetically deflating to read, and these are just third- and fourth-hand accounts of the situation, so you can imagine what it must be like to actually be there. You can just feel the way the energy has been completely sucked out of the investigation with the mass media bellows fanning the Russiagate flames less and less, and now the same thing is happening to the probe that happens to legislation to impose term limits in congress. The whole thing is crumbling and it will soon be forgotten.

Oh, and speaking of the flimsy Christopher Steele dossier, that’s taken yet another major credibility hit as well. Steele is now saying that he has no idea whether or not a part of the dossier that he is now facing legal action over is true. This dossier has formed the backbone of Trump-Russia conspiracy theories everywhere since its release, and was even used by the FBI to bolster its case for an investigation into Trump, and yet more and more plot holes get added to it by the day. The former MI6 spy whose credibility has been upheld as unassailable by establishment pundits for months has suddenly grown extremely defensive about his work, blaming everyone from a DC firm to Buzzfeed for the lives that have been adversely impacted by his work.

“The defendants did not provide any of the pre-election memoranda to media organizations or journalists. Nor did they authorize anyone to do so,” Mr. Steele said through his attorney per the Washington Times. “Nor did they provide the confidential December memorandum to media organizations or journalists. Nor did they authorize anyone to do so.”

“The fact that Mr. Steele acknowledges that he put unverified ‘raw intelligence’ into his December memo casts further doubt on his research techniques for the entire 35-page dossier,” WT rightly observes.

And, perhaps most significantly, the establishment media is showing indications of a shifting narrative. Bloomberg just published an article by Eli Lake titled “At 100 Days, Trump’s No Russian Stooge or Fascist”, and while Lake is not the most virulently pro-establishment journalist out there, he is no Glenn Greenwald. He works for Bloomberg, he has directly participated in the despicable “Russia hacked the election” media psy-op which deceived half of all Clinton voters into believe that Russia tampered with voting machines during the 2016 election, he has directly participated in pushing the completely unproven establishment narrative of the Idlib gas attack while ignoring the mountains of evidence contradicting it, he has called Russia “international poison” and criticized Trump for lacking sufficient hostility toward Putin, and he has run multiple smear pieces on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. And yet here he is, pointing out the extremely obvious fact that Trump’s behavior is the exact opposite of what one would expect from a pawn of Vladimir Putin.

This would have been unthinkable one month ago. One month ago this sort of story could not have been tolerated in the mainstream liberal press.

So it’s already begun. Democrats are being paced and manipulated out of the xenophobic McCarthyist haze they were paced and manipulated into, and step by step the fog will lift, and they’ll be paced and manipulated into consenting to some other dangerous neocon agenda.

Don’t worry though, Democrats. We’ll remember it for you. And we’ll remind you. We’ll remind you that you were wrong, and that it’s time to hand us those damn keys.

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