Michael Tracey Just Ripped The Political Establishment A New Asshole

Caitlin Johnstone
2 min readApr 23, 2017
Don’t even try and equivocate about regime change with this motherfucker.

TYT’s criminally under-appreciated Michael Tracey has published a criminally under-appreciated article on Medium about an interaction he had with America’s oldest Senator and youngest Nazgûl, Dianne Feinstein. It’s a three-minute read and you should definitely click this hyperlink and check it out right now. I won’t write a lot here because I’m not interested in doing anything other than drawing attention to Tracey’s extremely relevant argument, but he points out a hilarious trend wherein the neocons in both parties have been walking the cognitive contortionist tightrope of condemning the politically unpopular concept of “regime change” from one side of their mouths while explicitly advocating the exact thing that regime change is from the other.

Following a town hall in which Feinstein explicitly said that Assad “should be ousted from office” and that the US must “take a more aggressive role” against him, Tracey confronted her and pointed out that this sounds an awful lot like the exact definition of the thing that regime change is. In the span of mere seconds, Feinstein somehow managed to both condemn regime change while making the absolutely ridiculous assertion that 500,000 civilians have been killed solely by Assad’s army and that “he’s got to go.” When asked how “ousting Assad” is different from regime change, the California Senator said “I don’t want to get into semantics.”

Excuse me? Semantics? You’re talking about killing people, Dianne. Potentially hundreds of thousands of people or more, in a full-scale regime change invasion. Real, actual human beings. You are the one diddling with semantics by trying to manipulate words to pretend that you’re not advocating the exact interventionist child-killing policies that have turned the words “regime change” into political poison in the first place. What you are calling for and the way you are calling for it is in no way, shape or form different from the unforgivable Iraq invasion and the events which led up to it, which you yourself fucking supported, you bloodsucking lich queen.

Tracey goes on to point out how this insane cognitive balancing act is taking place in both parties, and it’s definitely one of those massive plot holes in the establishment narrative that we should all be pointing at and drawing attention to. Here’s that hyperlink again. Go check it out.